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Ex arrested after attempting to extort former Cancun partner

Cancun, Q.R. — Three men have been jailed in Cancun after an extortion report to emergency 911. According to the Benito Juárez Municipal Department of Public Security, the extortion was aimed at a woman in SM 51.

The woman told police she received a text message instructing her to give 5,000 peso to a named former partner. According to the message, she had 40 minutes to make the payment or she would be “charged in another way”.

In a sting operation, the woman met with her extortionist who arrived in a Veracruz-plated car with two other men on board. One of the men inside the car was her former partner who the victim positively identified.

Police proceeded to detain all three in the car. Arrested was 30-year-old Jonathan “N”, 31-year-old José “N” and 32-year-old Jorge “N” for the crime of extortion.