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Drug dealer who marketed on social media gets visit from police

Cuidad de Puebla, Puebla — State police agents in Puebla report the arrest of a drug dealer found offering his services on social media. Police say the man used a social media profile to market his products as well as make pickup/dropoff arrangements.

The man, identified as 35-year-old Gabriel N, was taken into custody after police arrived at one of his locations. While waiting to meet a buyer in the parking lot of a warehouse shopping store in the Xilotzingo neighborhood, police moved in instead.

Gabriel N was located by agents, where after a review of his person, they found 25 doses of crystal for which he was handcuffed.

According to Puebla authorities, Gabriel N “used a social media profile to market and agree on the delivery of illicit substances.” They say he had a social media profile where he advertised the sale of drugs that ranged in price from 100 pesos up to 1,600 pesos. His advertised delivery points included the Xilotzingo, Santa Lucía and Hacienda San José colonies of the city.