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Dispute over Cancun garbage collection company continues

Cancun, Q. R. — Cancun city council says that although Intelligencia México filed an Amparo, the judge did not determine that the garbage collection company return to the tasks as established by their suspended concession. However, the dispute continues.

Flor Ruiz Cosío, the secretary of Benito Juarez city council says they reject the notion that a federal judge has ordered Intelligencia México recover the garbage collection service of Cancun.

She reiterated that although the company did file an Amparo, the judge did not determine that Intelligencia México will return to the tasks established by the concession that was suspended last month.

“Until this moment, we have not been officially notified of any protection won (by Intelligencia México), much less of any suspension granted in favor of Intelligencia México in which they are ordered to provide the garbage collection service” she said.

The official explained that the simple copy of an alleged Amparo presented by Intelligencia México has been circulated. “From the aforementioned document, it can be deduced that the service is not ordered by Intelligencia México as they intended to interpret,” she said.

The judge’s document establishes that Intelligencia México could provide the service again if the concession had not been suspended, but the concession was suspended in December after city council voted in favor of the temporary total intervention and the hiring, through Siresol, of another garbage collection provider, she added.

Since then, Siresol contracted another company, Red Ambiental, to provide the city of Cancun with the service. However, Isaac Janix Alanís, also of Benito Juarez city council said that by order of a federal judge, Intelligencia Mexico would be able to resume garbage collection around Cancun and that the recently hired company Red Ambiental would not be able to do so until the legal issue is resolved.

On Wednesday morning, workers from Intelligencia México used a truck to block access to Cancun’s landfill site, claiming that it has obtained the right to resume the concession and the city’s garbage collection service.