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Cross-border vaccination program begins between Tijuana and San Diego

Tijuana, Baja California Sur — On Tuesday, a vaccination program began in the cross-border area between Tijuana and San Diego, Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard reported.

“Today the cross-border vaccination between Tijuana and San Diego begins. We are going to have 10,000 vaccines in the border area between Mexico and the United States in an effort of both local authorities with the private sector. It is something encouraging,” he said during the morning press conference.

Authorities from Tijuana and the US city of San Diego began the cross-border vaccination program against Covid-19 on Tuesday. Ebrard said that this is the first cross-border agreement, the purpose of which is to equalize the percentages of vaccination on the northern border of Mexico especially in cities with greater inter-connectivity.

Ebrard added that if it works, the cross-border vaccination program, which is an effort between local authorities and private participation, could be replicated in other cities along the border.

Both countries are among the hardest hit in the world by the pandemic in absolute numbers. The United States accumulates 590,574 deaths, while Mexico registers 221,695.