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Criminals captured for murder of three in Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — The State Attorney General’s Office has reported on the arrests of Xiomara “N” and Carlos Raúl “N”, the latter an alleged leader of hitmen and drug sellers.

Raúl “N” is believed part of a criminal group that operates in the coastal area of the municipality of Tulum. Both were arrested Wednesday during a property search.

On Thursday, the State Attorney General (FGE) reported on their arrests. Both are believed to be involved in the murder of three people in Tulum in April.

The FGE made the arrests in coordination with National Guard. The two people, a man and a woman, were arrested “for their probable participation in the homicide of three people that occurred on April 8 of this year in the municipality,” the FGE reported in a statement.

“Investigative police, assigned to the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office in Combating Narcomenudeo Crime completed the court order in a property located on 28 de Julio Avenue between Tulum and Cobá streets in the Nueva Creación neighborhood, where they detained Carlos Raúl “N” and Xiomara “N”,” they added.

During the property inspection, police found a variety of narcotics, two firearms and two vehicles, all of which were seized along with the property itself.

“The first investigations point to Carlos Raúl “N” as the person in charge of the hitmen and drug sellers of a violent criminal group which operates in the coastal area of the municipality of Tulum.

“Likewise, Carlos Raúl “N” and Xiomara “N” are related to the triple homicide that occurred on April 8 of this year. The bodies of the victims were found in a construction site located on Tulum Street, between 28 de Julio Avenue and Othón P. Blanco Street in the Nueva Creación de Solidaridad neighborhood.

“The victims, two men and a woman, had injuries from a firearm projectile. During the body removal procedure, experts found 9 mm caliber metal casings and gold-colored warheads.

“It should be noted that, after the examinations carried out on the seized weapons, one of them tested positive for the one used to deprive the victims of their lives.”