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Cozumel prisoners vote in first-ever exception for non-sentenced Mexican inmates

Cozumel, Q.R. — Several dozen Cozumel prisoners were supervised Wednesday as they cast their presidential vote. The 47 Cozumel prisoners participated in the first-ever exception made to allow non-sentenced prisoners to participate in a political vote.

Prisoners began casting their ballots Tuesday in a vote for the next president of Mexico. The incarcerated islanders were escorted to INE voting booths by jail guards in small groups Tuesday and Wednesday to cast their votes.

The casting of ballots was made in special as part of the county’s new exception to non-sentenced prisoners under the “Early Voting Mechanism for People in Preventive Prisons”.

Over two days, 47 inmates awaiting sentencing were permitted to vote for the next president. Cozumel is one of the 11 municipalities of Quintana Roo participating in the special inmate votes.

On May 11, eligible prisoners in the men and women’s Cancun Penitentiary system were escorted to public voting areas where they were able to cast their ballots. A total of 651 Cancun prisoners not yet sentenced voted.

A Cozumel prisoner is seen here casting his vote at an INE booth. Photo: May 15, 2024.

Prisoners incarcerated in the Chetumal prison system will be next in the municipality to cast votes at booths set up by the National Electoral Institute (INE). Voting will continue until May 20.