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Cozumel police recover alms box stolen by man on bicycle

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel police recovered an alms box that was reportedly stolen from inside a central island church. The money box was recovered after police responded to the report of a robbery.

During surveillance tours in the central neighborhood, municipal police received a report of a person who had entered a church and then left with a charity box that he rode away with on a bicycle.

A church worker, who was alerted to the theft by a neighbor, made the telephone report. Officers began a search for the man with a large church alm traveling on a bicycle.

Upon reaching the intersection of 10th Avenue and 4th Street, police found the rectangular yellow box which had been abandoned. The thief fled before police were able to make an arrest.

The person in charge of the church appeared at the Public Security facilities for the corresponding procedures in order to recover the box.