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Cozumel officer shoots in self defense after attempted knife attack

Cozumel, Q.R. — A Cozumel police officer shot a man Sunday morning after he attempted to attack the officer with a knife. The incident happened when the officer was responding to a domestic dispute complaint inside a private home.

According to an official statement by the SSC (Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana), the man inside the home was found in a “violent attitude” when police arrived. Upon seeing them, he attempted to attack one with a knife at which time the officer shot in self-defense.

The man was treated for a non-life-threatening wound at the scene before being transferred to a Cozumel hospital under police guard. He is facing a series of charges.

In a statement, the SSC (Secretary of Citizen Security) of Quintana Roo said “the Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Traffic of Cozumel informs that this morning a report of domestic violence was received where elements of the Directorate went to provide support to the home where an individual was found in a violent attitude, presumably under the influence of alcoholic beverages and with the possible consumption of some narcotic drug.

“Upon seeing the elements, said person attempted to attack the officer with a knife, who proceeded to use his weapon with the aim of protecting the physical integrity of the police personnel and third parties present at the scene, injuring the aggressor with a wound that does not indicate at risk his life.

“Our agents provided first aid at the scene and requested medical assistance for his care and transfer to a hospital. Likewise, the aggressor will be transferred to the Public Ministry for the crime of injuries and whatever results.

“In addition, the State Attorney General’s Office was notified, so that once he is discharged, the corresponding investigations can proceed.

The man was transferred to hospital under police guard. Photo: Seguridad Ciudadana Cozumel

The Directorate of Public Security and Municipal Transit of Cozumel reiterates its commitment to the protection and safety of the community, always acting with responsibility and respect for the protocols established in emergency situations.”