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Cozumel authorities set up vehicle checkpoint in search of drugs and weapons

Cozumel, Q.R. — Authorities on the island of Cozumel reported a second vehicle operation in less than a week. On Wednesday, island officers set up filters on several different main avenues in search of drugs and weapons.

The operations were carried out in coordination with Municipal Police and the Secretariat of the Navy. The sentinel operation was toward all vehicles traveling on Cozumel roads.

In a statement, Policia Cozumel said the operation was implemented “with the aim of finding weapons and drugs.”

On Wednesday, the vehicle check stop operation was set up at the start of the southern hotel zone where rental vehicles, company vehicles, taxis and private individuals in general were verified.

Drivers were being checked for carrying current driver’s licenses, license plates and valid circulation cards. Transit officers were also looking that the vehicles were without any alteration or a theft report.

To date, the Transit sub-directorate has carried out 19 sentinel operations where 568 motorcycles and 518 cars have been checked, of which 74 motorcycles, seven cars, 44 license plates, 10 circulation cards and 54 licenses have been retained because they were not regular.

Last week, Cozumel police set up a filter during a one-day operation. During the day, they seized eight motorcycles, three cars and a van for lack of documentation, licenses and up-to-date license plates. ImoveQroo removed one motorcycle taxi from circulating on public streets due to lack of permission to operate.