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Chiapas doctor arrested for allegedly applying 300 false covid vaccines

Tapachula, Chiapas — A man who is an alleged doctor was arrested after being accused of having applied at least 300 false anti-COVID vaccines in the state of Chiapas. On Sunday, the State Prosecutor’s Office announced the arrest of 40-year-old Gerardo N for usurpation of functions.

Gerardo N was taken into custody from inside a hotel in the city of Tapachula after accusations of the administration of false vaccines began to surface. At the time of his arrest, the State Prosecutor reported finding Gerardo N in flagrante delicto, wearing a doctor’s lab coat with the State Health Secretariat logo.

In his makeshift office, authorities also discovered forgery documents and stamps, empty syringes, empty bottles of serum, vaccination form certificates against COVID-19 and a list of those he had allegedly vaccinated.

The Chiapas State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) has charged Gerardo N for crimes of Sanitary Matters, Forgery of Stamps, Forgery of Documents in general, Usurpation of Functions and Misuse of Uniforms and Insignias to the detriment of the Chiapas State Secretariat of Health.