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CFE continues to work on power restoration after the passing of Hurricane Rick

Guerrero, Mexico — Electrical services are being restored to the 185,001 users affected by the passing of Hurricane Rick. The CFE says approximately 6 percent of residents in the states of Guerrero and Michoacán were affected by the passing storm.

The federal power company said they have 1,104 electrical workers, 192 cranes, 405 vehicles, 50 emergency plants, 18 lighting towers and 2 helicopters deployed, locating affected strategic points.

To date, power has been restored to 98 percent of users who ended up in the dark due to the Category 2 storm. The CFE detailed 86,439 users were affected in Guerrero and that so far, 97 percent have their power back.

In the state of Michoacán, 98,562 users were affected. So far, CFE personnel have been successful in restoring 98 percent of the homes that were left in the dark.