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Cancun’s Nichupté Lagoon bridge project continues to wait on federal government

Cancun, Q.R. — Construction for the Nichupté Lagoon bridge cannot begin until the federal government decides if it’s in or out. Governor Carlos Joaquín González says that the project and its state financing was presented nearly a year ago, however, they are still waiting for the federal government to say whether they want to participate in the project or not.

Joaquin explained that the federal authorities continue to analyze the project and if they want to invest the 2 billion peso required for its construction. If they decide not to be part of the bridge, then the state will resort to a private initiative.

“The bridge has a few options. The initial one is to receive federal money from Fonavi (Fondo Nacional de la Vivienda) and then there is the option of not receiving it. Both are under review,” he explained.

At the moment there are no changes in the project, as the ICA company is still interested in participating if it moves forward.

“We still need to identify whether there or not there will be the use of federal resources,” he said noting that “it is a situation that would change the operation of the project.”