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Cancun Transit records 44 inner city holiday traffic crashes

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun Transit personnel say they have attended to 44 car accidents in the city in six days. During the first days of the holiday season, Tránsito de Cancún attended to 44 accidents, most of which were for bad driving practices.

Tránsito de Cancún Director Ezequiel Segovia said the most common accidents were rear-ends for following too closely as well as swerving that ended with cars off the road, bad U-turns and a few whose maneuvers left them overturned.

He said of the 44, only two were accidents caused from driving under the influence.

“From the 25th to the 31st, we counted a total of 44 accidents of which we had two who were driving under the influence. They were tested and made available to the Detention Center, to Torito,” he explained.

The Traffic Director of Cancun said they will reinforce the presence of officers on the main avenues to deter drivers from traveling at excess speeds.