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Cancun taxi driver gets himself jailed after aggressive attitude toward police

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun arrested a Cancun taxi driver Friday after he ignored an order to stop. According to the State Public Security Secretariat of Benito Juarez, Victor “N” was taken into custody for “disobedience and resistance by individuals”.

Cancun police agents in SM 36 came across Victor “N” driving his taxi at excessive speed and ignoring traffic laws. When he was asked to pull over, he ignored them and continued to drive.

He was eventually intercepted and stopped. When asked to get out of the car, police reported him becoming both physically and verbally abusive, at one point allegedly pushing a police officer then attempting to flee on foot.

Police found a Motorola radio and two telephones inside his unit during an inspection. He was taken into custody for disobedience and resisting arrest.