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Cancun residents get alleged Colombian extortionist arrested

Cancun, Q.R. — Police in Cancun took a man into custody Friday after he was accused of extortion. A man identified as Miguel N, 50, was transferred to Cancun police facilities after a group of people claimed he tried to extort money from a business.

The incident happened in SM 64 after a patrol unit responded to an Emergency 911 request for aid. When police arrived, they found a group of people surrounding a man who they told police only moments before, had entered a store and demanded money “otherwise there would be consequences”.

The man was apparently given 300 peso from the store owner, but was stopped by the group when he tried to leave the shop. The detained man, Miguel N, told police he was collecting the little-by-little payments “on behalf of the Colombians.”

While being detained by the group, a second man seen on waiting motorcycle fled the area. He is believed to be an accomplice.