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Cancun police arrest three for killing woman over stolen motorcycle

Cancun, Q.R. — Ángel “N”, Felipe “N” and Suri Ivett “N” were detained by elements of the Investigative Police Tuesday for murder. The two men and one woman were arrested from the streets of Cancun on outstanding warrants for the May 13 murder of a woman they knew.

The woman was suffocated to death after being lured to a home in SM 251 to resolve a matter regarding a stolen motorcycle. While at the home, the three now-detained are accused of beating and later suffocating her before leaving her body on a dirt road.

“The first investigations indicate that the defendants are allegedly related to a femicide that occurred on May 13 of this year, in Superblock 251 in the Paseos del Mar subdivision of Cancun when the defendant, Suri Ivett “N”, summoned the victim to the aforementioned address to resolve a matter related to an alleged motorcycle theft.

“At the scene, the defendants, after arguing with the victim, beat her, causing various injuries and later probably suffocated her. Her body was abandoned on a dirt road in this municipality,” the State Attorney General (FGE) reported.

Authorities were able to secure three arrest warrants for the now-accused who remain in custody.