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Cancun firemen tasked with removing motorcyclist from bottom of cenote

Cancun, Q.R. — Emergency personnel in Cancun were assigned to an unusual task Sunday when they were sent to recover a man from a cenote. City firemen responded to the request in SM 216 after the report of a motorcyclist falling in.

With the help of police, the driver of the motorcycle was rescued from the bottom of the cenote after losing control on a corner. Neighbors who saw the young man speeding along Avenida 20 de Noviembre called for help once they realized he had driven into the six-meter-deep hole.

He was brought to the surface and transferred to hospital for the treatment of numerous injuries. His ruined motorbike was left at the bottom of the hole. Neighbors told police they saw him speeding around a corner where he lost control, climbed the sidewalk and vanished down into the cenote.

Cancun Traffic Police were called in to deal with the busted bike.