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Cancun Civil Protection continue to seek source of city explosion

Cancun, Q.R. — Civil Protection personnel are still reviewing construction sites in Cancun after the report of an explosion. The explosion was reported on the evening of March 27 by numerous area residents of Huayacán.

After the public reports, Cancun Police reported on social media that the cause of the explosion was a CFE transformer, however, CFE posted that after a review of the substation, there was no sign of an explosion.

Since then, Civil Protection personnel have set out to find the source since the area where ‘tremors’ were felt was beyond the initial reports of Huayacán. To date, they have yet to find out where the explosion came from, but did find at least one illegal excavation site.

In their search for the source of the explosion, authorities have been scouring known excavation sites where dynamite may have been used. In doing so, they found one that was operating illegally, which has since been shut down.

“We made tours in the nine centers that we have. We detected one in particular that was closed in the Kusamil area. Possibly it has nothing to do with the explosion that occurred because it is in another point, however, within those reviews, one site was found illegal so we proceeded to close it since they had no documents,” Antonio Riveroll Ribbon, Director of Civil Protection explained.

The illegal excavation site was not in their database and was found to be operating illegally without permits. He added that the permitted excavation sites have been asked to inform city officials of any explosions, but so far, none have reported an explosion.

He said next on their list are real estate developments.

“There are developments like Kulkana’s which is a development that we know is exploding. We have to review other developments to see how they are doing, but first we are dealing with the excavation sites to be able to rule them out,” he explained.