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Campos says sargassum vessels have arrived and barriers being placed

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two vessels have arrived and barriers are being placed, reported Mayor Lili Campos. With the ongoing collection of seaweed, municipal authorities have had to use public piers to help with its removal. Campos says one of the city’s central docks is being used to unload sargassum.

Now that there are two sargassum collection vessels at work off the coast of Playa del Carmen, the pier at Constituyentes Avenue is being used to unload it. Campos says by using the dock, they are able to increase production by optimizing the unloading and reducing the man hours needed to do it.

Campos says more than 1,000 meters of at-sea barriers are being placed and now, two sargassum collection vessels are at work.

“The two sargassum boats arrived whose work is important for us because that will prevent major landfalls on the coast,” she said adding that they are about half complete installing the barriers.

Campos said the seaweed landfall should be greatly reduced in comparison to what was hitting the beaches before. She said when it reaches shore, there is a lot of damage.