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British woman to remain imprisoned after narcotics arrest at Cancun International

Cancun, Q.R. — A British national who was arrested at the Cancun International Airport Sunday has been formally charged. Jennifer L of British nationality has been charged for entering the country with narcotics.

Jennifer L was taken into federal custody from Terminal 2 of the Cancun International Airport on August 28 after an x-ray revealed a hidden luggage compartment with contents. A narcotics dog marked her suitcase positive.

A physical inspection lead airport authorities to the discovery of what they believed at the time was cocaine, however, a chemical analysis done since her arrest has confirmed the white powdered drug to be ketamine.

Federal officials have since clarified that just over 13 kilos of ketamine was found between nine clear plastic bags and several bottle inside her luggage. Jennifer L was formally charged with entering Mexico with illegal drugs August 31.

She has been ordered to remain in a Cancun prison during her trial. Jennifer L was arrested after landing in Cancun from an Amsterdam flight.