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Brazen prison break sees nine escape with help of armed men

Tula de Allende, Hidalgo — Four exploding vehicles placed around the city of Tula kept authorities distracted while nine inmates escaped from prison. Early Wednesday morning, nine inmates were successful in escaping the Social Rehabilitation Center (Cereso) in Tula during a brazen prison break.

It was around 4:00 a.m. when media in Tula del Allende in the state of Hidalgo reported the explosion of two vehicles in two different areas. While two more vehicles exploded, a group of armed men stormed the prison.

The exploding vehicles were a distraction while the group penetrated prison security, injuring two officers in the process. Gun fire was exchanged while nine from inside the prison escaped with help from the group.

“Early this Wednesday, a group of armed people broke into the compound aboard vehicles, threatening prison security personnel,” the Hidalgo State Security Secretariat confirmed in a statement. “During the incident, the escape of nine people who were in detention was recorded.”

Two vans, escorted by the armed group, left the Cereso prison with the escapees. Hidalgo state security also confirmed that two municipal officers were injured.

Hidalgo state authorities released the names of the nine who escaped. They said one of the nine removed from the prison was Pueblos Unidos criminal group leader José Artemio N, who was arrested days ago in Tepetitlán.

Within hours of their escape, four of inmates had been recaptured. Authorities reported their arrests, noting that they were located with weapons and tactical equipment.

Surveillance operations continue in the search for the remaining inmates who escaped from the state compound.