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Bolt of lightning leaves five-meter hole in shopping centre floor

Naucalpan, State of Mexico — The second-level floor of a shopping center was left with a large hole after being hit by lightning. The freak accident happened Tuesday at a shopping center in the municipality of Naucalpan in the State of Mexico.

Shoppers inside the plaza reported hearing a loud blast just before the large hole in the second-level floor appeared. The floor suffered damage after the lightning strike broke through the marble tiles. Authorities reported a five-meter diameter hole was left behind as a result.

Municipal authorities explained that on Tuesday, a lightning strike went through the shopping mall’s canvas roof, broke windows and left the hole in the floor. Several plaza businesses were damaged due to the strike.

They also reported that the heavy rains collapsed a section of the canvas roof which caused water to enter the mall, soaking tables and chairs at an eatery below. Despite the mayhem, no injuries were reported.

Elements of Civil Protection were called to the site. The area was closed off as they inspected damage. According to authorities, the municipality does not have regulations that require low buildings to have a lightning rod.

On Tuesday, a strong hailstorm hit Naucalpan flooding various parts of the municipality. Atizapán de Zaragoza, Tlalnepantla and Zumpango were also affected by the heavy rains.