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Aviation Pilots Union asks federal authorities to force Aeromar to comply with obligations

Mexico City, Mexico — The Aviation Pilots Union Association has asked federal authorities to force Aeromar to comply with its obligations. The Aviation Pilots Union Association (ASPA) has asked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to intervene and promote support for Aeromar workers in the face of the definitive cessation of the airline’s operations due to lack of financial resources.

The ASPA de México wants the President to apply the law to force Aeromar to comply with its obligations whose debt, “at least with the pilots, is more than 100 million pesos.”

ASPA called to support the Aeromar workers, “taking into account the high technical specialization of each one of them, they are taken into account for the development and growth of the aeronautical projects that the government promotes, such as the new Mexicana”.

On Wednesday morning, Aeromar announced the definitive closure of its operations as of February 15, saying that it does not have the financial capacity to assume the debt of 523 million peso to cover the debt that the Mexico City International Airport requires.

The airline that covered the local Mexican market stopped flying the same day as their announcement. After 35 years, Aeromar covered 21 national routes and three international.

Aeromar reported in a statement that the company made deep financial adjustments to improve its situation, however, “in an adverse environment, aggravated during the Covid-19 pandemic, the measures taken were not enough to stabilize the company’s situation.”

The federal government issued a statement in which it reported that the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare “will protect” the labor rights of Aeromar workers in addition to reporting that it has already made a precautionary seizure of the airline’s assets at the request of employees.

“Due to the closure of operations of the airline Aeromar derived from its financial difficulties, the Government of Mexico works to protect the 578 workers, pilots, flight attendants and ground personnel,” the federal agency said in a statement.