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Attorney General says police attacks against citizens not tolerated

Cancun, Q.R. — During the past few weeks, several members of the police corporation have been arrested for what have been called attacks against private citizens.

The State Attorney General Oscar Montes de Oca Rosales says that several elements belonging to the Municipal Police and Investigation Police were arrested for their alleged armed assault against two people at a gas station in Cancun.

De Oca Rosales says the two officers were taken into custody and continue to be held, noting that already this year, five investigative police officers have been prosecuted due to acts of arrogance or attacks on citizens, which he stressed, will not be tolerated.

He also pointed out that aggressive attacks by employees from other agencies will also not be tolerated, mentioning the verbal assault against an Uber driver last week that lead to the physical assault of his vehicle. That assault was committed by alleged employees of the state Mobility Institute.

He reiterated that no member of any institution should incur these illegal acts.

De Oca Rosales also touched on the topic of the Colombian cartel member that escaped from police custody through a bathroom window, saying that the two Ministerial officers on duty at the time of his escape were dismissed from their positions and have already been charged.

“All the crimes have corporal punishment and economic sanctions and although in this case the penalty is low, it should be sought that they be sentenced,” he said.