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AMLO says his government will deal with the Section 5 Maya Train Amparos

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said his government will deal with the “rain” of Amparos filed against his Maya Train project, just as they dealt with them for the Felipe Ángeles airport.

“We are going to resolve the rain of amparos as the ones at the Felipe Ángeles airport were resolved. I think these still do not exceed the number of Amparos that they presented at the Felipe Ángeles,” he said during his morning press conference.

He made the comment after a Merida judge granted an additional Amparo against Section 5 of his Maya Train project. On Monday, the Defending the Right to a Healthy Environment (DMAS) association said they had also been granted an Amparo, which became the second suspension against the project.

This particular Amparo was granted against the entire Section 5 line which runs from Cancun to Tulum. The first Amparo granted by the same Yucatan court is only for Section 5 South that runs from Playa del Carmen to Tulum.

“We are not going to take a step back. They have every right to go to the authorities and have the support of thousands of lawyers. I have always said that conservatism in Mexico is very strong,” he said recalling the numerous Amparos filed during construction of the Felipe Ángeles airport.

“There were many and they were resolved because it was not the owners who filed them,” he said.
In the case of Section 5, AMLO said that the people filing for the Amparos “are not the peasants, the ejidatarios, they are pseudo-environmentalists. I am more and more convinced that they are fakers.”

He also claimed that the Amparos are only being filed “where the money is”, noting that along the total 1,550 kilometers of Maya Train, there is no opposition except in Riviera Maya.

“Of the entire route, that is where there is more money.” He said they are going to continue since the Maya Train is an important project for the development of the southeast of Mexico.

“We are going to confront the groups of vested interests, their spokespersons and achichincles, but the train is going,” he said.