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AMLO says Garcia Luna assets in excess of 140 billion peso belongs to the people of Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says there is a civil complaint filed in the U.S. regarding the Genaro Garcia Luna case. On Thursday, López Obrador said the complaint is for property and money to be returned to Mexico.

“Returning the assets to the public treasury of our country is what matters most. It is the money of the people of Mexico,” he said referring to the 140 billion peso lost.

“We are not talking about small operations here…more than $700 million U.S. dollars, which is 140 billion pesos. It is a horrifying amount,” he said Thursday.

The head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (UIF), Pablo Gómez Álvarez, revealed a network of financial operations from 2006 to 2012 involving two federal government entities who signed 10 contracts.

The companies involved were related to García Luna. Those 10 contracts were worth more than $316 million USD. Between 2012-2018, another 19 contracts were signed worth more than $410 million USD.

“None of these contracts was submitted to any tender and all were, almost all, were contracted with foreign companies, although those foreign companies were part of a corruption scheme led by García Luna,” he said explaining that the contractual framework was made up of family members and people from Luna’s close circle.

A transfer of $10 million dollars made by the Nunvav company to García Luna, who was in Florida seeking residence and subsequent naturalization, was proof enough for the federation to take legal action against this network of corruption, he said.