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American couple denied access to their Yucatan home after returning from trip to the US

Mérida, Yucatán — An American couple who have returned from a 15-day trip to the Unites States has been denied access to their home in the town of San Crisanto in Mérida. Neighbors say they are denying the pair access fearing they may be carrying coronavirus.

The American couple, Ralph and Raeann who are permanent residents, were not granted town access via a sanitary filter on Friday upon their return from the US after attending a family matter. However, they reappeared again Saturday with a lawyer and an Amparo, after passing the filter to gain access to their home.

This time they left their vehicle at the sanitary filter, arriving to their property on foot where they were denied access by residents who say the couple have not been tested for coronavirus.

Elements of the police and National Guard were called to intervene with residents saying “we fear for our health,” as they accuse the pair of arriving possibly infected. The couple agreed to leave and were taken back to town by police.

The mayor of the Sinanché, Felipe Rojas Escalante, appeared and said he would resolve the conflict. The couple’s lawyer pointed out that if he did not comply with the judge’s order, he would sue authorities including the mayor and the commissioner of San Crisanto.