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American arrested for killing bighorn stallion part of state recovery program

Hermosillo, Sonora — An American man has been arrested for killing an 8-year-old bighorn stallion that was part of the state’s recovery program. On Thursday, the Sonora State Attorney General’s Office reported on the arrest of Luis Ángelo “N”.

According to the agency, elements of the Criminal Investigation Ministerial Agency of Sonora located and apprehended him on February 7. He was arrested “for the practice of poaching bighorn sheep.”

The state agency said Luis Ángelo “N” likely entered the ranch, which is located in the municipality of Carbó, without permission and hunted an 8-year-old feral stallion, which was part of the state recovery program for the species bred for the purpose of reproduction.

An investigation began after ranch workers noticed the stallion missing. They began their search “and in the vicinity they found remains, however, the skull and front and hind limbs were missing, the fence was damaged, there were blood stains and drag marks,” they described in their statement.

They said that “through a social network, photographs were located of Luis Ángelo “N” with the lifeless bighorn sheep, in a trophy position. He was photographed carrying a hunting weapon.”

Police began a search for the American man after a Sonora judge issued an arrest warrant. Mexican authorities have not said where in the U.S. he was from or where his arrest took place. They also did not provide information as to a possible jail sentence or fine.