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Akumal businesses team up with Tulum taxi union to offer new combi service

Akumal, Q.R. — A new combi service has begun operating in Akumal. The unit is the result of joint efforts between local businesses and the Tiburones del Caribe union of Tulum.

The combi provides transport, mostly to local workers, between the town of Akumal and the hotel area on the opposite side of the highway.

Rocío Cue, Treasurer of the Akumal Norte board of trustees, explained that a group of local businessmen made the investment in purchasing the unit, while the Tiburones del Caribe Taxi Union of Tulum registered it and acquired the necessary permits to operate.

The combi will run employees from the town to their places of employment across the federal highway on various schedules. While there is a bus service, it costs money. It is traditional for large hotels to hire staff buses to transport employees to and from their places of employment for free on a daily basis.

Cue added that for now, the combi will also provide transport services for students free of charge and on weekends, the unit will be used for public transport from the town to the beach or lagoon for a cost of 20 peso.