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Aguakan agrees to finish PDC wastewater treatment plant started 15 years ago

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — After 15 years of being abandoned and unfinished, the wastewater treatment plant in the Cristo Rey neighborhood will finally be completed. The announcement was made by mayor Lili Campos who recently toured the plant.

During her tour, Campos explained that it had been left unfinished for many years since it lacked the 20 million pesos needed to complete the project. She reported that after negotiations, Aguakan agreed to provide the missing equipment to finish it.

The Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Works, Teresita Flota, also said that work is being done on equipping the treatment plant.

“The important thing is that in addition to being beneficial for the settlers of Cristo Rey, it will also contribute to the development around this area. It is exclusive to a single subdivision, but to a sector of the city,” she explained.

The general manager of Aguakan, Jorge Montoya Suárez, said that the original design treated between 8 and 10 liters per second, but with adaptations, the plant will have the capacity to treat 20 liters per second.

The wastewater treatment plant is expected to be finished in mid-March of this year.