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180-hectare lagoon in Veracruz loses its water due to severe drought

Actopan, Veracruz — Due to the lack of rain and an intense evaporation period, the Laguna del Farallón in Actopan, Veracruz is going through its worst stage. In an unprecedented event, the Farallón Lagoon has dried up and today, resembles a cracked-floor desert.

Residents of the area say the 180-hectare lagoon appeared to be full of water last year, however, over the last several months, 75 percent of the water has evaporated. Not only was the lagoon a natural destination, it was also a source of food for many.

A majority of the boats belonging to the local fishermen sit resting on the lagoon’s severely cracked bottom, while others are barely wet. Locals attribute its drying up to the intense heat and lack of rain, which has been noted to be well under seasonal average.

Meteorologists in the area have been concerned with the state’s continued severe drought, which they add, is affecting 32 municipalities throughout Veracruz.