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10 Nuevo León police officers imprisoned for kidnapping of local resident

San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León — Three additional police offices from San Pedro Garza García have been taken into police custody after the kidnapping of a man in July.

The three latest arrested police officers were apprehended Wednesday, accused of the crime of aggravated kidnapping. They have been identified as 28-year-old Alejandra N, 29-year-old David Eduardo N and 26-year-old Raymundo de Jesús N, all active police members of the San Pedro Garza García Public Safety and Highway Ministry (SSPyV).

A total of 10 police officers have been arrested for their alleged involvement. The eight men and two women are believed to have participated in the July 22 kidnapping of a local resident who has not been identified.

According to the prosecution, the victim was handed over to an armed group after police responded to a report of home damage. While there, the officers illegally deprived the victim of his liberty for several hours before handing him over to an armed group who later requested a ransom of 2 million pesos in exchange for his release.

The ransom was not paid since the victim managed to escape. After freeing himself by his own means , the victim filed a complaint.

The others arrested have been identified as Cristina Guadalupe N, 35 years old, Jorge Alberto N, 32, Urías Jahaziel N, 34, Luis Antonio N, 35, Jesús Eduardo N, 20, Oziel Alejandro N, 27, and Óscar Eduardo N, 35 years of age.

All 10 officers detained for their alleged involvement remain in the State Social Reintegration Center.