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Zaragoza Canal project suspended due to lack of resources

Chetumal, Q.R. — The Zaragoza Canal project is being put on hold due to a lack of funding. Commander José Ricardo Gómez Meillón said that due to a lack of money, the Secretary of the Navy has already withdrawn the dredgers that were hired.

The naval chief said that the dredgers finished desilting the 1.2 kilometers of the Zaragoza Canal and to date, the maneuvers to remove them from that area have been completed.

He pointed out that the work now requires greater economic resources to start with the stage of dynamiting the stone to be able to gain greater depth in the navigation channel, however, continuing with the project will be very difficult during the remaining months of 2022.

For now, Gómez Meillón says the project has been suspended and will only be reactivated when finances improve and the state government can make the required economic contributions.

He also said that environmental permits are required for the use of explosives and the extraction of the material on the sea floor, something that has not yet been done.

He explained that the first stage of dredging-desilting is finished, and the delay to resume the project and advance to the next stage will depend on resources available, adding that he does not know the amounts required to move forward with the dredging project.