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Worker with third degree burns after Cancun construction site explosion

Cancun, Q.R. — A company worker was transferred to Cancun hospital with second and third degree burns after an explosion Thursday. The construction site employee was working on an acetylene tank when it exploded. The explosion of the tank caused nearby machinery to catch fire.

Cancun police, firemen and Civil Protection were at the scene in industrial SM 310 where they located the construciton company fire. The explosion was reported at Leon Construction just off Colosio Boulevard. Thick black smoke could be seen for kilometers as the machinery burned.

Thick black smoke from the Cancun fire could be seen for kilometers. Photo: September 7, 2023.

In a briefing, Policia Cancun said “an explosion of an acetylene tank and a backhoe machinery fire were reported with one person injured inside the Leon construction company located on Boulevard Colosio SM 310 in front of Plaza La Roca in Cancun.”

Antonio Riveroll, the General Director of Cancun Civil Protection, said the area was temporarily shut to traffic while they worked on containing the scene. The fire was caused by the explosion of a 2,000-liter acetylene gas tank.