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Worker killed when out of control car slams into base of construction scaffolding

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — One of four people hit by an out of control car died Saturday. The accident happened in the municipality of Solidaridad near El Tintal. Other workers reported the driver of the car lost control and hit the base of a set of scaffolding, sending workers to the ground.

The crew were working on a section of Maya Train along the Cancun-Mérida highway when the accident happened. The silver car ended up running over the men, one of whom was pronounced on scene.

Three other Maya Train workers were injured during the fall when the metal scaffolding collapsed beneath them. The driver was reportedly trying to avoid a dump truck when they ended up hitting the construction site instead.

Elements of the National Guard were part of the initial responding team. An ambulance was called to attend to the injured. One man, an unnamed worker, was pronounced at the scene.