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Woman’s burned body found in Cancun crime of passion

Cancun, Q.R. — Crime of passion was the motive behind the murder of a Cancun woman whose body was found burned in a dairy barrel last month. The motive for the murder was made public Monday by State Attorney General Raciel López Salazar.

During his press conference, Salazar reported that Minerva “N”, one of seven arrested in relation to the October 22 murder, was involved with the same man of the now-deceased woman, Jimena “N”.

According to Salazar, it was Minerva “N” who allegedly ordered the hit against the woman, whose body was found stuffed inside a dairy barrel and set on fire in SM 255 of Cancun.

“The woman was murdered under the orders of Minerva “N”,” he reported Monday. He added that according to their investigation, Jimena “N” died of a head injury. “Subsequently, those responsible for taking her life placed her body inside a drum and set it on fire.

“Those responsible used a fire-accelerating substance, since it is presumed that those involved intended to leave no trace of their crime,” he said.