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Woman volunteering to run errands during coronavirus restrictions killed

Cosoleacaque, Veracruz — A woman volunteering to run errands for the elderly and others stuck inside their homes due to the coronavirus restrictions was murdered Thursday in Veracruz.

According to municipal authorities, the 25-year-old woman identified as Melina N, was attacked by men while on her way to a home with a delivery. The attack happened on a street in the Patria Libre neighborhood in Minatitlán when the men stopped her to take her moto, however, she resisted the robbery and was shot.

The men left her to die on the sidewalk, but not before also taking her cell phone. Melina was part of a volunteer group that were delivering necessities to those who were unable to get out and do it themselves. Her death was reported by her volunteer partner.

The company has since suspended all volunteer operations. According to the police report, the alleged murderers fled and so, far no one has been detained.