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Woman dies in Chetumal hospital after loose rock falls from truck

Chetumal, Q.R. — A female passenger hit by a loose rock from a dump truck has died in hospital. The woman was rushed to a Chetumal hospital Sunday night after a large rock from a dump truck hit the windshield.

The woman was a front seat passenger of a private car that was traveling the Chetumal-Escárcega highway near Nicolás Bravo when a large rock fell off the industrial vehicle ahead of the car.

The loose rock landed on the windshield, hitting the female passenger in the head. The velocity sent the rock through the windshield and out the back window. The woman hit by the rock suffered massive head trauma.

Paramedics rushed her to a hospital in Chetumal where she died Monday due to the severity of her injuries. The car carrying two was on its way to Campeche at the time of the accident.

The loose dump truck rock flew through the front windshield and out the back window. Photo: January 14, 2024.

The dump truck load was reportedly traveling the highway uncovered when the large rock broke free. National Guard have since carried out the corresponding procedures and referred the case to the State Attorney General’s Office to determine legal responsibility.