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Two youths pulled from central PDC beach in near drownings

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two people were pulled from Playa del Carmen waters Tuesday for near-drownings. Playa del Carmen lifeguards were able to save two youths from drowning off the same city beach in different events.

Solidaridad Lifeguard Corps carried out two rescues in different incidences during the same morning on the same beach. One lifeguard pulled a 20-year-old male from the sea at Parque Fundadores next to the maritime terminal of Playa del Carmen.

The young man found himself in trouble after swimming out past the sargassum barrier. He began to signal for help which is when a lifeguard swam out and returned him to shore.

Once on sand, he said the current beyong the barrier began to drag him out to sea and he was unable to fight it.

A second young man was returned to shore by Playa del Carmen lifeguards. Photo: October 31, 2023.

Later that same morning, a second youth was pulled from the sea on the same central Playa del Carmen beach. He was seen struggling in the water, which is when the on-duty lifeguard swam out and returned him to the sand.

Both were exhausted but uninjured in the Tuesday morning events. Tuesday afternoon, strong winds arrived with a large U.S. cold front that has hit the region.