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Two men captured in a group of 4 found wanted for more than 20 robberies around Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — The routine patrolling Cancun police has resulted in the removal of a group of youths, of which two are believed responsible for more than 20 robberies.

The group of four were taken into custody over the weekend after patrolling police saw them running from a store. The group were running and throwing rocks at windows of a store in SM 107 of Cancun when police happened upon them. An employee from inside the store stopped police, telling them that the group has just attempted to rob the store of its cash.

A chase ensued with police catching up with the group meters into their attempted escape. One man from the group was found carrying a long knife. The three men and one woman team were arrested.

Quintana Roo Police report the detainment of 20-year-old Jonathan N, 22-year-old Jonathan N, 28-year-old José N and 21-year-old Lucero N. The four were arrested for attempted robbery and damage to commerce.

According to the information provided, when verifying information of the detainees in Platform Mexico, police were alerted that Jonathan N and José N have been identified as likely responsible for more than 20 different robberies in and around the city of Cancun.