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Two detained in Cancun for drug dealing believed city extortionists

Cancun, Q.R. — The State Attorney General’s Office, in coordination with the Mexican Army, have captured Miguel Ángel “N” and Candelario “N”, allegedly identified as business extortionists in Cancun.

The pair were initially arrested for drug dealing Thursday, however, the State Attorney General’s Office says they are also allegedly related to extortions against Cancun businesses.

Intelligence, technology and cabinet work led to the identification of Miguel Ángel “N” and Candelario “N” as those likely responsible for the extortion of eight branches of a food sales establishment.

“The two subjects were detained on Prolongación Tulum Avenue of SM 73 and were seized with narcotics,” the State Agency reported.

The first investigation indicates that Miguel Ángel “N” was in charge of carrying the intimidating messages to those in charge of the eight business branches extorted.

Candelario “N” was identified as the person who fired shots at one of the branches on September 19 of this year.

After their arrests, the two subjects, along with the narcotics, were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry.