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Three intercepted and arrested in Cancun kidnapping

Cancun, Q.R. — Two women and one man of Colombian origin were found bound inside an abandoned truck in SM 77 of Cancun. On Friday, the vehicle was discovered by police after officers intercepted the vehicle.

Three from inside the Ford Explorer fled the scene, leaving the truck abandoned in a green area. Inside the abandoned truck was two women and one man of Colombian origin. They were located bound and bleeding.

Paramedics were called to attend to 40-year-old Dario N, 34-year-old Tatiana N and 28-year-old Jessica N, all kidnapping victims from inside the Explorer.

Other officers involved in the stop were successful in capturing the three who fled from the Ford truck. Two men and one woman were arrested for kidnapping. Arrested were 26-year-old Samuel N, 20-year-old Jaqueline N and 27-year-old Sergio N, all from Guadalajara.