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Three Chetumal taxi drivers fired for driving units while impaired

Chetumal, Q.R. — Three taxi drivers in Chetumal have been relieved of their positions for driving while impaired. Julio Cesar Castilla Zapata, the General Secretary, said the three affiliated operators from the Sindicato Único de Choferes de Automóviles de Alquiler were fired for driving their units under the influence of alcohol.

He reported that at least three assistant partners have been found driving public service units while intoxicated this month, adding that they were let go even though they were not transporting passengers at the time.

Zapata said the three were found during rounds of surveillance patrols, as well as other operations that the group itself has implemented to ensure better order among the drivers.

He stressed that the current union administration will not tolerate that type of behavior, given the risk of accidents that it represents for users as well as for third parties, who use transit in the capital city.

The leader of the taxi drivers union in Chetumal warned that the surveillance operations will continue to be carried out permanently, urging his co-workers to not engage in practices of this nature, which puts not only their physical integrity at risk, but also their jobs.