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Telmex reports two cut lines responsible for Wednesday failure

Mexico City, Mexico — Millions of Internet users across the country were affected by a lag in service after a failure in Telmex lines. On Wednesday, people took to social media to complain about either their lag in service or lack of service with both Telcel and Movistar.

Hours after the complaints began, Telefonia de Mexico (Telmex) confirmed the problem on social media since those networks were not affected. The company acknowledged a problem that they were working on since, at the time, they did not know the source.

Late Wednesday, the company revealed two cut fiber optic lines by a third party. Telefonia de Mexico has since filed a criminal complaint. The cut lines generated failures in both Mexico and the United States.

In a statement, the company explained that the first of the fiber optic cuts was located in Texas, 18 kilometers from the border with Mexico, while the second was registered in a section of the network between Culiacán and Mazatlán.

“Telmex put into operation its contingency plan to immediately address the fiber optic cut registered in Mexico, as well as diverting traffic through alternative routes to provide additional options to its users which allowed the recovery of navigation to international content,” they said.

Both lines have been repaired by specialist technicians. After locating the severed lines, Telmex said they had service restored within two hours. Telmex has filed criminal complaints for “attacks on communication channels.”