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State of Quintana Roo returns to green epidemiological light

Cancun, Q.R. — After a significant decrease in covid-19 infections, the state of Quintana Roo will return to a green epidemiological light. On Thursday night, Governor Carlos Joaquin announced the entire state will move forward to a green light.

Both the north and south will return to green for the week of February 21 to 27 after several weeks of positive progress in a reduction of covid-19 infections. The state registered a high rate of infections after the Christmas and New Year holiday season. That increase saw the entire state regress back to a yellow then orange epidemiological light for several weeks.

“We have to return to our normal activities and what we have to do to accomplish that is respect prevention measures,” he recommended.

Quintana Roo will begin the green light stage on Monday. Until then, rules for a yellow epidemiological remain in place.