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State meeting prevents Cancun Hotel Zone road block protest over canceled federal concessions

Cancun, Q.R. — After a state government meeting on Sunday, authorities agreed to suspend Imoveqroo operations to avoid a public demonstration at the entrance to the Cancun Hotel Zone. Upset federal transport drivers had scheduled a hotel zone road block for 8:00 a.m. Monday, a block that was thwarted by the government.

The government decided to suspend Imoveqroo operations after numerous federal drivers had their plates illegally revoked, a move, the state government clarifies, they do not have the legal authority to make.

According to Roberto Rubio Sánchez, President of the Mexican Association of Tourist Transport Companies, state government officials were able to avoid the hotel zone road block which would have affected tourists.

They were also successful in seeing the return of the pulled plates by Imoveqroo. The Sunday meeting, which took place in Cancun, was headed by the Secretary of Government Cristina Torres.

The varying transportation companies agreed that the Mobility Institute will not carry out operations and will return the plates that had been illegally withdrawn since Imoveqroo does not have the power to sanction companies that have a federal concession.

Rubio Sánchez said the state government’s willingness to reach an agreement to avoid affecting tourists was recognized.

“Good agreements were reached, the state government and the Mobility Institute are very willing, there will be no more operations. Cristina and Rodrigo Alcázar promised that there will be no Imoveqroo operations against us in the future, but that there will be coordination with the Ministry of Communications and Transportation and the National Guard,” he explained.

Imoveqroo is accused of pulling around 20 federal concessions, however, officials did not provide a reason for it.