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State looking into shooting of Mexican fisherman by Belizean authorities

Chetumal, Q. R. — The State Attorney General is looking into the shooting of a Mexican fisherman by Belizean authorities. Last month, a man arrived in a boat in Chetumal Bay asking for help after being shot while fishing near the Belize border.

He was rushed to hospital, where it was later learned, he had suffered a perforated intestine. Since being hospitalized, the FGE has begun looking into the shooting attack, which was alleged to have been by Belizean authorities.

The Secretary of Government, Arturo Contreras Castillo, said that everything indicates the shooting was an event that occurred abroad. The official said he did not know if an offense had occurred since it happened in an area that is under surveillance due to drug trafficking.

The shooting happened on November 19, when Chetumal fisherman Francisco Azcorra N was sailing at the mouth of the Hondo River to check crab traps. It was during that fishing sail that a Belizean border patrol is alleged to have shot him.

Francisco N was able to sail back to Chetumal Bay where he requested help. He remains in hospital with a perforated intestine.

Arturo Contreras said that “one should be careful where one travels,” noting that there is a border and countries have the right to guard it.