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Sparks spew after number two engine failure on L.A. flight from Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico — An engine failure mid-air caused a great deal of sparks and a small fire to erupt on a flight to Los Angeles. Passengers on the Guadalajara to L.A. flight captured the shouldering engine as it flew Monday night.

According to Viva Aerobus, the plane experienced a failure related to the engine that created sparks due to metal friction. “There was a failure related to engine number two which caused sparks to come out due to metal friction,” they clarified after returning to the Guadalajara airport.

“Control of the aircraft was maintained at all times in accordance with the procedures established by the manufacturer, which are designed to continue safe operation under these conditions. Additionally, the crew provided timely and professional attention to passengers who required it,” Viva Aerobus said in a statement.

Due to the situation, the plane was forced to return to Guadalajara International where passengers were accommodated in a hotel.

“We deeply regret the inconveniences that this circumstance may have caused, which will be analyzed and evaluated by the airline and the competent authorities. Viva Aerobus reaffirms its commitment to safety on each of its flights, the company’s number one priority.”

Passengers boarded another plane August 24 and flew to their L.A. destination. There were no injuries reported.