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Social media drug dealers captured during PDC sting operation

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two people selling drugs through social media have been captured in Playa del Carmen. The Secretary of Citizen Security says Alexander “N” and Cristal “N” were captured during a Wednesday sting operation to buy drugs.

According to their public statement, agents of the Investigative Police “followed their Facebook profile, managing to arrest them at a drop-off location.” The pair operated out of a home in the Los Olivos residential subdivision of Playa del Carmen.

Arresting officers detailed that during their capture, they were found with 1,360 doses of crystal meth, 500 doses of crack cocaine and 600 doses of marijuana.

Social media drug dealers arrested during PDC sting operation
The pair sold drugs through Facebook. They were arrested during a sting operation. Photo: FGE August 16, 2023.

The Secretary of Citizen Security says the pair used social networks to sell drugs through a personal profile called “Fredy”, advertising on Facebook as a “dealer”. Police say the pair advertised various types of narcotics “with specified prices per dose of each one.”

When customers contacted them, they agreed to deliver them to a specific point in the city. By following up on this personal account, police posed as an interested buyer and arrested them at the drop-off location.