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Seven migrants wait to be sent back to their home country in Puerto Aventuras shelter

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — Seven migrants in a Puerto Aventuras shelter are waiting to be sent back to their country of origin. The new head of the Migrant Care Unit in Solidaridad, Leticia Chaverri, said that she received the shelter with seven people, including three women and their children, who are awaiting their procedures to be repatriated.

“These people are not deprived of their freedom, they are subject to an immigration process that establishes a number of days to leave,” she explained.

She pointed out that the function of the Unit is to assist people from other cities in the country or abroad in a state of vulnerability who are without food or shelter while they manage their immigration procedure.

Chaverri explained that migrants at the Puerto Aventuras shelter only arrive there when they do not qualify with immigration to remain in Mexico on humanitarian grounds. At the moment, the shelter is home to people from Guatemala, Honduras and Chile.